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Founded by award-winning designer and creative director Tom Muller, the studio delivers future-forward work that resonates and inspires a global audience. People have the tattoos to prove it.

Rebranding a
pop culture icon


Marvel Comics

Brand identity
Publication design
Logo design

'Dawn of X' is Marvel Comics’ relaunch initiative of their X-Men comics franchise looking to redefine the brand.  The relaunch ushered in a new creative direction that touches on every aspect of the franschise — and required a new visual direction to clearly mark the change.

Starting from a new master ‘X’ brand mark, a comprehensive publication design programme, bespoke typography and graphic identity for the full product line was designed, creating an instantly recognizable look and feel for every comic, book, and collection Marvel publishes in the line.

The resulting rebrand helped revive franchise awareness, fan engagement and increased sales through innovative stories packaged in a highly visible, and unified brand system built in the language of X.

X-Men rebrand X-Men logos X-Men House of X X-Men books

Making a mark in Hollywood



Visual identity
Design toolkit

Visual identity for Hivemind, an entertainment company dedicated to partnering with high-level creative talent and globally recognized IP from the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, horror, comics, video games, and more — known for producing Amazon’s The Expanse, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Netflix’s The Witcher, Sony’s Bloodshot, and the upcoming Final Fantasy live-action series.

The new visual identity for the company uses the company’s proposition and ethos as a starting point; developed into a bold, unique and modern identity that stands apart as a mark of quality in the sea of production company brands.

The identity is designed with adaptation in mind: from a Twitter avatar to an IMAX screen and everything in-between—whilst visually flexible so it is able to be customised and treated graphically to fit the partners and IP Hivemind works with.

Hivemind logo Hivemind Hivemind identity

Elevating storytelling through design

Image Comics


Publication design
Logo design
Visual language
Cover design

Image Comics is the third largest comic book publisher in the United States and the leading publisher for independent, creator-owned comics.

Working with critically acclaimed writers and artists stories are brought to life by applying branding and design as integral elements of the story experience.

From logos and publication design to in-world graphics, immersive branded worlds are designed by applying design system thinking to sequential narratives — resulting in highly unique and impactful publications that connect with the audience and elevates what graphic design and branding can bring to sequential narratives in comics and graphic novels.

Image Comics covers Image Comics design sampler Image Comics VS design Image Comics Motor Crush design sampler

Building new stories

Good Hero

Good Hero

Visual identity
Design toolkit

Visual identity for entertainment company Good Hero, a new production entity founded by producer Laurent Zeitoun (The Death of Stalin, The Intouchables) with the mission of creating, fostering and distribiting IP aimed at ‘children between 7–77 years old’: Good Heroes experiencing a good story in a good world.

The identity is inspired by wooden block puzzles and toys which have inspired millions of children of all ages — built on a playful mark that references creative growth, play, variety & modularity — bringing the ethos of the company to life in a warm and approachable way.

Like the wooden block puzzles, the graphic identity can be rebuilt and adapted into endless permutations giving Good Hero endless flexibility to tell stories for all ages.

Good Hero logo Good Hero identity

Invigorating an iconic brand

Best of 2000AD

Rebellion Publishing

Publication design
Logo design

Rebellion Publishing are the publishers of 2000AD, the groundbreaking British comic book anthology that is home to iconic characters Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper.

For the first time in 30 years they are launching a new anthology, aimed at the American comic book market: Best of 2000 AD — a title that collects the best stories from their library.

The new title required a brand new design language that sets itself apart from the existing 2000 AD estate: a future-forward iteration that elevates the title and characters for a new modern audience.

The resulting logo and publication design is an evolution and extention of the 2000 AD brand — invigorating the magazine’s heritage into a modern and contemporary design language that is still unmistakably “2000 AD”.

Best of 2000AD #1 cover detail Best of 2000AD mix Best of 2000AD design

Branding the futuristic world of Bloodshot


Sony Pictures

Logo design
Art direction

Bloodshot is intended to be the first installment in a series of films set within a Valiant Comics shared cinematic universe; starring Vin Diesel and Guy Pierce.

Brought on-board by producer Dinesh Shamdasani to design the logo and application art direction for Rising Spirit Technology — seen throughout the film.

A versatile and modern logo 'five minutes into the future' was required for RST, which would be used troughout to bring the RST corporation to life — from decals on coffee cups, to applied graphics on uniforms and on-set environments.

The design and placement moodboards were signed off by director Dave Wilson and lead actor/producer Vin Diesel and integrated into the film’s production design, making its way to the final film.

Bloodshot RST Logo design and art direction Bloodshot RST film stills

A special edition for Darren Aronofsky's grand vision of the flood


Protozoa Pictures

Book design

Co-written by Darren Aronofsky and (producer) Ari Handel, the book is based on an early draft of the script for the feature film "Noah," directed by Aronofsky.

Coinciding with the release of Noah in theatres, the graphic novel was released in a deluxe hardcover format and a special limited edition of 300 copies — clothbound, slipcased and gold-foil-stamped with an elegant, minimalist design; with marbled paper patterns used within the book.

Rather than following the film's branding, the book's design and iconography stands on its own, with a timeless iconic mark and graphic languange inspired by religious texts and illuminated book design.

Working closely with Darren Aronofsky and co-writer Ari Handel, the book's design brings the story's vision to life in an understated, yet powerful way — updating the biblical story for a modern audience

Noah book cover Noah book design

A keen-eyed design for a new publisher.


Editions Kinaye

Visual identity
Cover design
Design toolkit

Full visual identity and production style guide for French graphic novel publisher Kinaye who specialises in translated editions of primarily English language graphic novels and comics for the domestic market.

Launching in an already crowded marketplace, Kinaye needed a bold identity and strong mark that would be immediately recognisable. The name is a play on the French pronounciation of the English “Keen Eye” — and is the publisher’s claim of offering a discerning selection of only the best graphic novels from top-tier creators.

Using that idea as the core for the identity; the Keen Eye icon looks eagerly to the edge of the cover – ready for the book to be opened and enjoyed.

Kinaye logo Kinaye design

Branding the #1 event in the fashion diary

WGSN Global Fashion Awards


Event branding

WGSN (World's Global Style Network) is the world’s #1 fashion trend forecaster, predicting the trends of tomorrow, helping the world’s largest retailers, brands and manufacturers lead with confidence.

When the awards came to London in 2012 and 2013, helloMuller designed the brand identity for the awards scheme — creating a unique visual tone of voice for the event delivered as a toolkit of parts that was applied by the internal WGSN team — touching on every aspect of the awards, including the physical object.

The resulting brand was far removed from the expected 'luxury' visuals one would expect and delivered a modern and refined identity that set the event apart in the fashion events calendar.

WGSN Award WGSN Awards branding and design WGSN Awards branding and design

Logos for fan-favourites Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, and more.

DC Comics

DC Comics

Logo design
Cover design

Various logo and cover design projects for DC Comics and its imprints Vertigo Comics and Young Animal.

Logos for DC and Vertigo comics DC and Vertigo covers

Covering Edward Snowden

WIRED 22.09

Wired Magazine

Masthead design

"We're doing a feature on internet security and need the magazine masthead to look like it's data is corrupted".

That was the initial brief for what became an iconic and award-winning cover. In addition to delivering the custom masthead designs, 'corrupted' graphics were created as visual markers within the editorial feature.

It wasn't until the issue came out that it became clear the 'internet security' feature was an interview with Edward Snowden, which had been in the making for over a year.

The rest as they say, is history.

Wired Edward Snowden cover Wired Edward Snowden design

Marvel Entertainment
Sony Pictures
Image Comics
Rebellion Publishing
Paramount Pictures
Protozoa Pictures

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